Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

7 Episodes

Real and intimate conversations with your favorite artists hosted by Ray Flynn.

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Behind The Mask
  • Behind The Mask S1 Brian Free

    Episode 1

    Ray Flynn sits down with award-winning tenor, Brian Free, about his 40+ year ministry and the health challenges that threatened the continuing of that ministry.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Joseph Habedank

    Episode 2

    Ray Flynn sits down for a conversation with fan-favorite Joseph Habedank. Joseph opens up about his battle with addiction and the triumphs that the Lord has brought him past his struggles.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Sonya Isaacs

    Episode 3

    Ray Flynn sits down with Sonya Isaacs Yeary as she opens up about her family's history and the traumati loss that brought her closer to the Lord.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Karen and Rickey Gooch

    Episode 4

    Ray Flynn sits down with legendary soprano, Karen Peck Gooch, and her husband, Rickey, as they revisit their 30 year ministry together and Rickey's battle with cancer.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Emily Ann Roberts

    Episode 5

    Ray Flynn sits down with Emily Ann Roberts, the young star of The Voice and now her own solo work.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Debra and Roger Talley

    Episode 6

    Ray Flynn sits down to discuss Debra and Roger Talley's long career of hits and crowd-pleasing songs as they step into retirement.

  • Behind The Mask S1 Sarah Davison

    Episode 7

    Ray Flynn sits down with Sarah Davison of the acclaimed group, High Road.