Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hillbillies

2 Seasons

This classic sitcom finds Jed Clampett and his rural family as they acclimate to life in Beverly Hills.

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Beverly Hillbillies
  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Strike Oil

    Episode 1

    A rural Ozark family relocates to Beverly Hills after oil is discovered on their property worth $25 million. After finding oil on the land, the family is surprised when Mr. Brewster (Frank Wilcox) of the OK Oil Company offers to buy it. After much coaxing by Cousin Pearl (Bea Benaderet), Jed (Bud...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Getting Settled

    Episode 2

    The Clampetts begin to settle in their new home in Beverly Hills. They are having to adjust to things such as refrigerators, ovens and the "cement pond." Jethro also encounters a flamingo that he thinks is a chicken (which causes Jed to suspect Jethro has been sneaking drinks of moonshine). Meanw...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Back at the Cabin

    Episode 3

    Jane Hathaway finds that making the Clampetts more sophisticated will be harder than expected, while Pearl Bodine tries to get the attention of Mr. Brewster.

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale

    Episode 4

    Mr. Drysdale panics when Mrs. Drysdale (Harriet MacGibbon) comes back from Boston early, because she'll meet the Clampetts. He sets Miss Hathaway on a plan to get them to go to Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Granny and Jed come to think Mrs. Drysdale is a drunk and make plans to cure her.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Buys Stock

    Episode 5

    Upon Mr. Drysdale's advice to buy good stock, Jedpurchases cows, pigs, and chickens to raise. Granny prepares her special mash to help cure Mrs. Drysdale of her drinking problem. Meanwhile, Mrs. Drysdale is convinced she's imagining things, because she sees Granny hovering outside her window and ...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Trick or Treat

    Episode 6

    Granny wants to go home because folks are so unfriendly and no one has come to call. Jed convinces her they should call on them, and they find that people welcome them and give them all manner of gifts when they show up on Halloween in their normal hillbilly clothes. Meanwhile, Jed works on getti...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Servants

    Episode 7

    Elly May starts wearing dresses but takes it as an insult when someone says she looks like a city girl. Mr. Drysdale talks Jed into taking in his butler Ravenswood (Arthur Gould-Porter) and upstairs girl Marie (Sirry Steffen) in a plan to civilize the Clampetts, but they don't quite understand th...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Goes to School

    Episode 8

    Pearl continues to pursue Mr. Brewster, while a Jasper Depew (Phil Gordon) courts Jethrine. Jed tries to enroll Jethro at an exclusive Beverly Hills elementary school. When the headmistress (Eleanor Audley) learns that the Clampetts are neighbors of Mr. Drysdale, who holds the mortgage on the sch...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Elly's First Date

    Episode 9

    Misunderstandings abound as the spoiled college student Sonny Drysdale attempts to woo Elly May, only to flee to his mother in the end. In an attempt to smooth things over Granny and Jed invite the Drysdales for Thanksgiving.Louis Nye guests as Sonny Drysdale.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Pymalion and Elly

    Episode 10

    Sonny Drysdale decides he needs to be Pygmalion to Elly's Galatea and remake her from a hillbilly into a woman of society. Meanwhile Granny makes love charms for Elly, Miss Jane and Jed

  • Beverly Hillbillies Elly Races Jethrine

    Episode 11

    When Sonny Drysdale promises to give Elly May a ring, Granny thinks he's going to propose and becomes a matchmaker. Cousin Pearl can't stand the idea that Elly May will get married before Jethrine, so she sets to matchmaking Jethrine with Jasper Depew.

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Great Feud

    Episode 12

    The Clampett clan takes great offense when Sonny Drysdale jilts Elly May, and they start afeud with the Drysdales to avenge their kinfolk's honor. When Jed goes to the Commerce Bank to talk to Drysdale, everyone thinks he's a robber and he gets arrested. Mr. Drysdale says he will get Sonny to pro...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Home For Christmas

    Episode 13

    The Clampetts take their first plane flight back home for Christmas to visit cousin Pearl, who is busy cooking up a feast to win Mr. Brewster's unwilling heart. Mr. Brewster insults Pearl when he asks her to be his housekeeper, while she thought it was going to be a proposal. Paul Winchellappears...

  • Beverly Hillbillies No Place Like Home

    Episode 14

    Back home for Christmas, Elly May bonds with her old animal friends. Pearl plays the piano for the "new" movie in town (the silent version of Ben Hur) to impress Mr. Brewster. While Mr. Brewster tries to sneak out of the movie, Homer Winch declares his love for Pearl.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Rescues Pearl

    Episode 15

    Mr. Brewster doesn't want to get married, but the whole county knows that Cousin Pearl had her heart set for him. Jed comes up with a plan for her to save face by having Mr. Brewster propose in public and then have her turn him down. Jed didn't count on Mr. Brewster's background in the theater an...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Back to Californy

    Episode 16

    The Clampetts pack up to return to Beverly Hills, so Jethrine tries to pack Jazzbo Depew. Elly says goodbye to her animals. Back in Beverly Hills, Miss Hathaway dresses the vamp to meet Jethro at the airport. Once home the feuding starts between Granny and Pearl over who's running Granny's kitchen.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed's Dilemma

    Episode 17

    Granny and Cousin Pearl are at each other's throats over who's going to take care of cooking and the house, so Jed has to find ways to keep them apart. Jed tries to calm things down by taking a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage

    Episode 18

    Mrs. Drysdale leaves for a health farm saying Mr. Drysdale is "going to have a new wife" when she returns. Mr. Drysdale tells Cousin Pearl he'd like her to be his housekeeper. However, the Clampett's think he wants to marry Pearl, so Jed comes up with a plan to "save" the Drysdale's marriage.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Elly's Animals

    Episode 19

    Many animals and even the police (Brian Kelly & Eddie Dean) respond to the unique sounds from Pearl's yodelinglessons.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Throws a Wingding

    Episode 20

    Two of Pearl's most ardent former suitors (played byLester Flatt and Earl Scruggs) come to visit her in Beverly Hills. Pearl thinks they're there to propose because a letter they sent mentions an engagement. But, the duo were actually referring to a concert they have in the Los Angeles area and i...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Plays Solomon

    Episode 21

    Granny can't stand Pearl's yodeling so she reports her to the police (Brian Kelly & Eddie Dean). When one of the officers takes Pearl outside to the squad car, Granny thinks she got Pearl in trouble and becomes sad and contrite. Meanwhile, the police find Granny's still, and new trouble results.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Duke Steals a Wife

    Episode 22

    Granny says Jed and Duke his dog are both down without a woman in their lives. French woman Mlle. Denise (Narda Onyx) and her poodle that she brought to breed with Mrs. Drysdales dog arrive. Duke takes a fancy to the poodle and Jed takes a fancy to Denise. Meanwhile Mrs. Drysdale has arranged a "...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Buys the Freeway

    Episode 23

    The conman Harry Jones (Jesse White), who pretends to be an old friend, gives Jed a "bargain" when he offers to sell Griffith Park, theHollywood Bowl, and the freeway to the millionaire.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Becomes a Banker

    Episode 24

    When rival banker Bill Hacker (Charles Lane) challenges him to a skeet shoot, Mr. Drysdale has no choice but to enlist the sharpshooting skills of Jed by making him a bank vice president. But, when Hacker finds out about Drysdale's scheme, he demands that he be allowed to pick a different employe...