Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hillbillies

2 Seasons

This classic sitcom finds Jed Clampett and his rural family as they acclimate to life in Beverly Hills.

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Beverly Hillbillies
  • Beverly Hillbillies Jed Gets the Misery

    Episode 1

    Jed pretends to be sick so that Granny can get to doctoring and feel more at home. Mr Drysdale and his physician, Dr. Clyburn (Fred Clark) get pulled into the ploy and Granny's mountain medicine is put to the test by a city doctor.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Hair-Raising Holiday

    Episode 2

    After Granny cuts off the top of Drysdale and Clyburn's (his doctor) hair for some homegrown remedy, Clyburn tries to keep her from ever doctoring again. Meanwhile, the Clampetts are looking forward to the Possum Day parade, which of course isn't celebrated in Beverly Hills, so Drysdale has to fi...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Granny's Garden

    Episode 3

    Granny has everyone up at the crack of dawn to plow the front yard for her garden, while Mr. Drysdale, Miss Hathaway, and a stubborn mule try to stop her. Miss Jane takes Granny to a large Supermarket to show her how unnecessary it is to grow her own food.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Elly Starts to School

    Episode 4

    Mrs. Drysdale recommends Elly for a high-brow finishing school in hopes that humiliating her will drive the Clampetts away; but instead Miss Hathaway convinces the girls at the school that Elly is a fashion trend-setter. Elly invites the filthy rich Fenwicks (Joanna Barnes & Doris Packer) over, t...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampett Look

    Episode 5

    Cynthia Fenwick makes her filthy rich mother dress in the "Clampett Look" when they visit the Clampetts, since she thinks Elly is a fashion maven. That only reinforces the Clampett's belief that the Fenwicks are poor. Cynthia mistakes Jethro for royalty and Mrs. Fenwick mistakes Mrs. Drysdale for...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Jethro's First Love

    Episode 6

    Jethro decides he wants to go a courtin', so Jed gives him a little education. Jethro develops feelings for an exotic dancer named Chickadee Laverne (Barbara Nichols) and brings her home to meet the folks. As usual, neither she or the Clampetts know what the other is really saying.
    Note: This was...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Chickadee Returns

    Episode 7

    Jethro thinks he's in love with Chickadee Laverne. She and the Clampetts still have a different idea about what an "engagement" is. Meanwhile, Miss Jane tries to woo Jethro away from Chickadee. As marriage seemingly draws nearer, Jethro discovers a deal-breaking secret about Chickadee: she can't ...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts are Overdrawn

    Episode 8

    An unemployed actor named J.D. Clampett (King Donovan) and his wife (Shirley Mitchell) benefit from a paperwork mixup at the bank, becoming $36 million richer. The Clampetts believe that Mr. Drysdale has forsaken them and taken the money. When Miss Jane figures out what has happened, Jake Clampet...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Go Hollywood

    Episode 9

    Newly discovered "cousin" Jake Clampett soon has everyone but Jed thinking about and dressing for a role in a movie Jake wants to make. Mr. Drysdale hears that Jed is going to finance 10 million for the movie. Miss Jane comes up with a plan to put a stop to it all.
    Note: Jake purchases a brand ne...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Turkey Day

    Episode 10

    Elly bonds with the Thanksgiving turkey so the family can't bring themselves to kill it; Mrs Drysdale hires some Indians (George Sawaya) & (Benny Rubin) to take a Thanksgiving picture, which puts Granny on the warpath.

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Garden Party

    Episode 11

    Mrs. Drysdale has a garden party and 'invites' the Clampetts by mistake. They end up back by their 'cement pond' to handle the 'overflow' from Mrs. Drysdale's party. A gun shot by Granny and her "rheumatism" medicine starts the real party. Curt Masseyappears as the violin player.

  • Beverly Hillbillies Elly Needs A Maw

    Episode 12

    Mr. Drysdale needs investors for his real estate development project, so he enlists the Widow Fenwick, and aims to cement the deal by hitching her to Jed Clampett, who is looking to find a mother for his daughter, Elly May

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Get Culture

    Episode 13

    Granny says they have no friends in Beverly Hills. Mrs. Schuyler-Potts (Eleanor Audley) expels Jethro from her school for being disruptive. Mrs. Drysdale wants to lock up all of Elly's critters. The Clampetts want to go back to the hills. Mr. Drysdale's efforts to prove to the Clampetts that Beve...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Christmas at the Clampetts

    Episode 14

    A television, a boat, and a chimpanzee are among the many gifts Mr. Drysdale gives to the Clampetts for Christmas. Granny thinks the TV is some kind of fancy washing machine. Mr. Drysdale hopes that if the Clampetts enjoy the boat enough, they won't want to go back to the hills.

  • Beverly Hillbillies A Man For Elly

    Episode 15

    Granny's television idol, Western actor Quirt Manly (Henry Gibson), is revealed to be less than expected when he visits the mansion. Even though Granny is disappointed, Elly gets along with Quirt. Jed tries to help Quirt become more of a man's man.

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Giant Jackrabbit

    Episode 16

    Granny sees an escaped kangaroo and thinks it is an oversized jackrabbit. This leads the others to suspect she has had too much moonshine. Meanwhile, the Clampetts have a hard time getting food from Beverly Caterers.
    Note: As of January 2013, this episode is the 36th most watched prime-time telec...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Girl from Home

    Episode 17

    Some old love letters from Jethro lead mountain man Lafe Crick (Peter Whitney) and his daughter Essiebelle (Muriel Landers) to Beverly Hills. Jethro is looking forward to marrying Essiebelle until he sees how much weight she's gained. Essiebelle is not concerned as she loves a boy back in the hil...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Lafe Lingers On

    Episode 18

    The freeloader Lafe Crick from back home takes advantage of Jed's charity and schemes to get rich off the Clampetts' wealth. Lafe manages to con Mr. Drysdale into giving him a job at the bank guarding Jed's money. But when he finds out that most of Jed's money isn't actually in the bank, Lafe the...

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Race for Queen

    Episode 19

    Mr. Drysdale would like Elly to run for Queen of Beverly Hills. The Clampetts think the race for the Queen is an actual foot race. So, Granny wants to run as well.Susan Hart appears as Candy Davis, one of the Commerce Bank secretaries and contestant for Queen. Robert Cummingsappears as the contes...

  • Beverly Hillbillies Lafe Returns

    Episode 20

    Jed and Mr. Drysdale try matching Ellie with the bank's new CPA Fred Penrod (Bobs Watson) while Lafe continues to try to find where "Jed has his money buried"

  • Beverly Hillbillies Son of Lafe Returns

    Episode 21

    While Ellie continues to see Fred Penrod, Lafe Crick tries some match making with his son Dub (Conlan Carter) and Ellie

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Go Fishing

    Episode 22

    Granny's fear of boats only temporarily thwarts Mr. Drysdale's plan to take the Clampetts deep sea fishing, until he decides to take them toMarineland instead. Thinking that they're large fishing holes, Granny wants to "catch the whale"

  • Beverly Hillbillies A Bride for Jed

    Episode 23

    Mr. Drysdale and Miss Jane help country musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs try to find a city woman for Jed the same way they found theirs, by holding auditions for backup singers. Joi Lansing appears as Gladys Flatt.Midge Ware appears as Louise Scruggs.

  • Beverly Hillbillies The Critter Doctor

    Episode 24

    Ellie has Dr. Martin (Russell Collins) of the zoo come over to treat her dog Duke who is sick. But Granny mistakes a bug repellent salesman Jim Gardner (Mark Goddard), who ends up falling for Ellie, for the veterinarian. Granny thinks he is no "Critter Doctor" but actually a "Bug Doctor" who is t...