Bloom Today

10 Episodes

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  • Bloom Today But the World Is So Broken

    Episode 1

    How does a good God fit into a broken world? Ginny and Paula discuss how every good thing comes from God, but Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.

  • Bloom Today I'm not a Victim, Am I?

    Episode 2

    Ginny & Paula define what circumstances define a victim and how ignoring or downplaying brokenness prevents the healing God wants to bring.

  • Bloom Today What Is An Ex-Victim?

    Episode 3

    Ginny & Paula define and bring an understanding of the term Ex-Victim. Ginny shares how she healed after the threat of a traumatic experince left emotional wounds.

  • Bloom Today But I'm not Beautiful

    Episode 4

    Finding our beauty in comparison to the world’s standards is a perpetual trap. Ginny & Paula share how God determines our true beauty by the purity of our hearts.

  • Bloom Today Am I Still Lovable After Failing?

    Episode 5

    Ginny & Paula discuss satan’s lie that God’s love depends on our performance. Pastor Patricia Douglas found hope in God’s love after a teenage pregnancy.

  • Bloom Today Do I Deserve Forgiveness?

    Episode 6

    Ginny & Paula share how forgiving yourself is part of God’s plan of redemption. Author, Sheryl Griffin, tells how she forgave herself for choosing three abortions.

  • Bloom Today Reclaiming Lost Dreams After Hardship

    Episode 7

    God can use life’s challenges to fulfill our dreams in unexpected ways. Country music artist, McKenna Hydrick’s, dream was restored after illness stole her hope.

  • Bloom Today I'm Married, So It Can't Be Abuse, Right?

    Episode 8

    Ginny & Paula discuss how God created marriage to represent His loving heart for the church rather than becoming an idol. Nicole C. Mullen shares hope after an abusive marriage.

  • Bloom Today What If I Was Abandoned?

    Episode 9

    We belong to God the Father first and foremost - no matter how humans treat us. Author and entrepreneur, Michelle Moore, explains her path from abandonment to forgiveness.

  • Bloom Today Is There Grace After My Adultery?

    Episode 10

    Ginny & Paula define God's conviction vs. satan's condemnation. Author Christy Neal reveals how she found healing after the church ostracized her despite repenting for adultery.