Coffee With Kim

Coffee With Kim

4 Seasons

Kim Crabill shares stories and scripture to encourage and uplift.

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Coffee With Kim
  • Coffee With Kim Confronting Lonliness

    Episode 1

    Loneliness. Studies show epic numbers of us report feeling lonely, even in the midst of a crowd. These feelings often lead to isolation and depression. Today Kim and her friends share their stories about how they found healing for this problem.

  • Coffee With Kim Small Act, Big Impact

    Episode 2

    You were born with purpose, to live in God's abundance! Is that your life or are you like I was for years, believing lies that robbed me of the life I was seeking. Let's talk about the one lie that may be keeping us from living like we truly matter.

  • Coffee With Kim The Power Of Our Words

    Episode 3

    Have you ever found yourself in a place where you were so intimidated that you lost your authentic self? I think that we all have. Join us today for a conversation with our special guests about communication, self-talk and healing.

  • Coffee With Kim An Addiction Story

    Episode 4

    Many of us carry secret hurts, seeing no way we could possibly heal, let alone that good could come from the pain. If this is your struggle, this show is your hope. Meet my guests who, by shattering the silence, found hope in what seemed hopeless.

  • Coffee With Kim Confronting and Conquering LIfe

    Episode 5

    For years, Kim Crabill had the privilege of guiding women along the Burdens to Blessings transformational journey. Then she found herself facilitating the first ever men's group! How did it go? Join us to hear a few of those men tell their story.

  • Coffee With Kim Counting Our Days

    Episode 6

    These days, we have so much on our minds that our days can become blurred. While it's ok sometimes, we can’t let it happen all the time. Life is too short to not be fully lived. Hear how some friends and I found the answer straight from the bible.

  • Cofee With Kim Finding Strength In Weakness

    Episode 7

    What happens when what you always hoped wouldn't happen…does? When nothing turns out like you planned? Kim has the honor to talk with her first mentor whose message will point us to our source of strength for carrying on whatever our circumstances.

  • Cofee With Kim How To Triumph Over Tragedy

    Episode 8

    What do you do when all you had dreamed of is snatched away in an instant? Meet a star athlete who suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury. His journey toward life after tragedy shows how determination, no matter the facts, can reveal new purpose.