Coffee With Kim

Coffee With Kim

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Kim Crabill shares stories and scripture to encourage and uplift.

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Coffee With Kim
  • Coffee With Kim Thriving When Others Thought You Couldn't Survive

    Episode 1

    My guest has a collection of memories on what she was told she could never accomplish. Add a broken home, eating disorders and more, and it’s no surprise she was filled with self-hatred and anger. See how she overcame the past and learned to THRIVE.

  • Coffee With Kim Introducing Jesus to the Children in your World

    Episode 2

    Today, friends, we are talking about something near and dear to my heart - introducing children to Jesus and His love. Planting the seeds of His truth into their pure and fertile hearts so it will grow and be there when they need it most.

  • Coffee With Kim How To Live After Your Dream Dies

    Episode 3

    Our guest knows what it’s like to have a dream of dancing and singing come true. But what happens when the lights go off and the music stops. It’s a story we can connect with, surprisingly relevant to some of the changes COVID 19 has brought us

  • Coffee With Kim Confronting Racism: Sisters of the Same Father

    Episode 4

    Listening to a show on racism, I heard a friend talking about her deep pain. Did my happy friend really carry this pain? I knew I wanted to have a part in her healing, to take action. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend and her story.

  • Coffee With Kim Inspired Parenting: Bringing Joy to Every Day

    Episode 5

    The way my guests talk about parenting lifts it from something intimidating, frustrating or overwhelming to something truly inspiring. Inspired parenting! Listen to their stories about taking ordinary moments of parenting and create lasting memories.

  • Coffee With Kim Holiness vs Happiness In a Disposable Culture

    Episode 6

    One of our guests could not imagine how staying in her marriage could ever bring her happiness. Yet she stayed because she realized God was more interested in her holiness than her happiness. Tune in for this couple’s special message about marriage.

  • Coffee With Kim Live Long to Live Out Your Purpose

    Episode 7

    When our guest talks about fitness, he doesn’t just talk about looking good or feeling good. He talks about something much greater…about being fit to live God’s purpose for our lives. If you’re struggling with your “want to,” this show is for you.

  • Coffee With Kim Addict Redifined: From Rescued to Rescuer

    Episode 8

    Addiction. It shatters the life of the addict and everyone who cares. It’s a destroyer of hope. Our guest has deep wisdom about addiction, gained from her own astonishing story of rescue and restoration. Tune in for the story of an ADDICT redefined.

  • Coffee With Kim Women In My World

    Episode 9

    A leading actress in inspirational films, you may have seen her in Overcomer, October Baby, and The Least of These, among others. Meet Shari Rigby, a role model and mentor to many women in Hollywood through her ministry, “The Women in My World.”