Coffee With Kim

Coffee With Kim

4 Seasons

Kim Crabill shares stories and scripture to encourage and uplift.

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Coffee With Kim
  • Coffee With Kim Leading With Love

    Episode 1

    What would it take to get you to give up your home and spend a year going across the country? My guest, a brilliant faith-filled woman, moved out of her home and hit the road because God said so. Hear how God gave BACK so much more than she gave UP

  • Coffee With Kim God's Promise, Process and Purpose

    Episode 2

    What is your Divine Purpose? Intimidating, isn’t it? Yet God wants us to discover His faithfulness in our ordeals, to awaken us to His great purpose. My guest tells what happened when she aligned herself with God’s powerful and personal purposes

  • Coffee With Kim Heavely Resources for Children

    Episode 3

    Meet an amazing woman whose acting and singing career shifted away from Hollywood and is now being poured into creating materials to help us fill the hearts and minds of the children in our lives with the wonder of Jesus’s love.

  • Coffee WIth Kim I Choose Victory: Going from Victim to Victor

    Episode 4

    In today’s world, most every conversation seems loaded and ready to explode! I admire those who can be honest and open EVEN when it’s risky. My guest has that gift...and she uses it to help women walk out life with Jesus at the center of everything

  • Coffee With Kim Change Your Story

    Episode 5

    We each have a life story…but often there’s a conflict. There’s the story God wrote, that of a masterpiece...and the one written by life’s experiences, twisted by loss, failure, addiction and more. We can change our story - our guest shows us how.

  • Coffee With Kim The Women In My World

    Episode 6

    A leading actress in inspirational films, you may have seen her in Overcomer, October Baby, and The Least of These, among others. Meet Shari Rigby, a role model and mentor to many women in Hollywood through her ministry, “The Women in My World.”