Coop Dreams

Coop Dreams

2 Seasons

Urban homesteaders become chicken farmers.

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Coop Dreams
  • Coop Dreams The First Year

    Episode 1

    Review the excitement and challenges of Brad’s first year as a chicken-keeper.

  • Coop Dreams Coop Camp

    Episode 2

    Brad goes to Coop Camp; a weekend workshop for chicken-keepers from across the country.

  • Coop Dreams Chicks

    Episode 3

    Brad decides to expand his flock by hatching some eggs from his own chickens.

  • Coop Dreams The Brooder Life

    Episode 4

    Brad's chicks move to the brooder where he learns the heavy workload that comes with keeping a hatch healthy and happy.

  • Coop Dreams Coops for Troops

    Episode 5

    Brad begins a program called Coops for Troops which provides chickens, coops and supplies for veterans and military families.

  • Coop Dreams Organic Farming

    Episode 6

    Brad invites Rent the Chicken to the farm to learn more about their risk-free program for helping people get started raising backyard chickens.

  • Coop Dreams Coop Math

    Episode 7

    Brad finishes planting his spring garden prior to leaving for Texas to pick out his last coop big enough for 20 chickens.

  • Coop Dreams Goats

    Episode 8

    Brad visits The Paramount School in Indianapolis for a helpful introduction to milking goats and making cheese.

  • Coop Dreams Rooster Rehab

    Episode 9

    A rooster expert comes to the farm to offer suggestions on how to rehab Brad's aggressive rooster, Edward.

  • Coop Dreams Next

    Episode 10

    In the final episode of the season we meet the Trosts, the second Coops for Troops recipients.