Danny Jones: The 4th Page Podcast

Danny Jones: The 4th Page Podcast

2 Seasons

Watch Singing News Vice President, Danny Jones, and his conversations with artists and insiders.

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Danny Jones: The 4th Page Podcast
  • Danny Jones 4th Page Podcast Mike Hopper

    Episode 1

    Danny Jones interviews Mike Hopper of the Hoppers.

  • Danny Jones 4th Page Podcast Ivan Parker

    Episode 2

    Danny Jones interviews Gospel Music legend Ivan Parker.

  • Danny Jones 4th Page Podcast Jonny Minnick

    Episode 3

    Danny Jones interviews Pastor Jonny Minnick.

  • 4th Page Podcast LAUREN TALLEY

    Episode 4

    Danny Jones hosts singer, songwriter, and author Lauren Talley on the 4th Page Podcast.

  • 4th Page Podcast JOSEPH REED

    Episode 5

    Danny Jones hosts Joseph Reed of Singing News Radio on the 4th Page Podcast.

  • 4th Page Podcast GUS GACHES

    Episode 6

    Danny Jones hosts Tribute tenor and industry vet, Gus Gaches, on the 4th Page Podcast.

  • 4th Page Podcast PAUL HARKEY

    Episode 7

    Danny Jones hosts fans' favorite bass singer, Paul Harkey, on the 4th Page Podcast.

  • 4th Page Podcast ALLY GRIGGS

    Episode 8

    Danny Jones hosts Ally Griggs on the 4th Page Podcast.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 1_Michael Booth

    Episode 9

    Danny gets Michael Booth to sit still long enough for the 4th Page Podcast! Michael shares about the new beginning for the Booth Brothers after 30+ years of ministry.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 2_Jonathan Wilburn

    Episode 10

    Danny welcomes Jonathan Wilburn to the set of the 4th Page Podcast. Jonathan's name is synonymous with Gospel Music. He sang with his family, The Wilburns, before moving on to the great Gold City Quartet for many celebrated years. He has most recently sung solo and with his son, Jordan, as Wilbur...

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 3_Danny Riley

    Episode 11

    When you grow up in Gospel Music you'll have a story to tell. Danny Jones sits down with Danny Riley of Gold City to hear his story.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 4_John Darin Rowsey

    Episode 12

    John Darin Rowsey has a long and storied career in Gospel Music. Danny sits down with John and they talk about his songwriting and singing from Karen Peck & New River to The Guardians.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 5_Arthur Rice

    Episode 13

    Danny visits with long-time legendary lead singer, Arthur Rice, of the Kingdom Heirs.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 6_Josh Franks

    Episode 14

    Danny visits with artist, preacher, and promoter, Josh Franks. Josh is everyone's biggest cheerleader and an up-and-coming artist in his own right with his wife, Ashley.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 7_Michaela Brown

    Episode 15

    Michaela Brown of the Browns sits down with Danny for the 4th Page Podcast. Michaela shares about their family's endeavors on their farm, on the road, and in their theater.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 8_Roland Kesterson

    Episode 16

    Danny visits with Roland Kesterson. Roland is the new young lead singer of the famous Inspirations from Bryson City, NC. Roland also acts as the road manager for this exciting young quartet that is keeping the legacy alive.

  • 4th Page Podcast Episode 9_Ronnie Hinson

    Episode 17

    Danny visits with the legendary songwriter, Ronnie Hinson, author of the perennial favorite, "The Lighthouse." Ronnie was a founding member of the incredible, Hinsons, a family group from California that took the Gospel Music world by storm.