5 Seasons

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  • Faithville Goodness

    Episode 1

    Who is sending the flowers, and who wishes he had? See the difference between the fruit of goodness and impressing others.

  • Faithville Faithfulness

    Episode 2

    Is Charity coming undone? Miss Charity makes too many promises to keep!

  • Faithville Gentleness

    Episode 3

    Is Faithville full of corruption? Faithville's law-abiding folks are about to become criminals!

  • Faithville Self-Control

    Episode 4

    Has Mr. Waterwll gone to the dogs? See some of the townsfolk losing their battle with self-control.

  • Faithville Water Baptism

    Episode 5

    Has Mr. Doubt taken up snorkeling? You will want to be a part of this show's 'deep sea expedition'!

  • Faithville Tithing

    Episode 6

    Will Miss Charity lose the diner? Join in the hilarity as the townsfolk learn about tithiing.

  • Faithville Communion Part 1

    Episode 7

    Will Doc and Mr. Up ever make up again? See how the people of Faithville learn to get along with one another.

  • Faithville Communion Part 2

    Episode 8

    Is this problem too big to be solved? Enjoy the unusual antics as everyone tries to get along!

  • Faithville You're in the Army Now!

    Episode 9

    Will Cutright lose the war? Join the riotous action as Mr. Cutright becomes a modern-day Esau.

  • Faithville Knowing the Enemy and His Devices

    Episode 10

    Will we ever see Pastor Shepherd again? It pays to be very careful about what you listen to and repeat!

  • Faithville God's Power and Protection

    Episode 11

    Will the people of Faithville ever use God's protection plan? Don't miss out on this show about God's protection!

  • Faithville The Belt of Truth

    Episode 12

    Is it really the truth and nothing but the truth? Find out if Mr. Up gets chased out of town for telling his version of the truth.

  • Faithville Breastplate of Righteousness

    Episode 13

    How righteous can Mr. Cutright be? Learn about righteousness as Mr. Cutright determines who is the most righteous person in Faithville.

  • Faithville Thanksgiving

    Episode 14

    Will Cutright catch the turkey? See how the men of Faithville have a new appreciation for their wives.