5 Seasons

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  • Faithville Peace Shoes

    Episode 1

    Did you know you can be robbed and never realize it? Has anyone ever tried to steal your peace?

  • Faithville Shield of Faith

    Episode 2

    Can the town keep it together? Faithville's residents learn what it takes to walk in faith.

  • Faithville Helment of Salvation

    Episode 3

    Will Faithville welcome its newest member? Mr. Cutright faces a dilemma.

  • Faithville Sword of the Spirit

    Episode 4

    Insure what? Learn to use God's Word in your everyday life!

  • Faithville God Hears our Prayers

    Episode 5

    Why won't Mr. Up talk? Learn how God hears our prayers.

  • Faithville A Place to Pray

    Episode 6

    You want me to pray where? Do you sometimes feel God hears other people's prayers before He hears yours?

  • Faithville Unforgiveness and Prayer

    Episode 7

    Who messed with the gas tank? Learn the secret to overcoming unforgiveness.

  • Faithville Envy and Jealousy

    Episode 8

    Is there a green-eyed monster in Faithville? See how jealousy can twist what others say and cause you to believe a lie!

  • Faithville Gossip

    Episode 9

    Will Miss Charity become a 'Mrs.'? Find out what happens when you repeat something you've heard.

  • Faithville Pride

    Episode 10

    Pride cometh before a what? Join us as some gentlemen find out if there's pride in their life.

  • Faithville Anger

    Episode 11

    Will Pastor Shepherd fall into the trap? Discover how silly anger really is and the damage it can cause.

  • Faithville Diligence

    Episode 12

    Where's Mr. Up? Put on your detective hat and try to discover Mayor Hope's secret before the people of Faithville do!

  • Faithville Rewards

    Episode 13

    Is Miss Rosa going to the big greenhouse in the sky? Mr. Up is sure of it and doesn't know why everyone else seems to be so happy.

  • Faithville Sharing the Reason for the Season

    Episode 14

    God did what for you? Hear the personal testimonies of the Faithville characters and how God impacted their lives.