Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

Enjoy timeless films and TV episodes featuring "The King of the Cowboys" Roy Rogers and his friends, Dale Evans, Gabby Hayes, and even his golden Palomino, Trigger.

Roy Rogers
  • In Old Caliente (1939)

    In the newly annexed state of California, Rogers must battle the evil foreman of a Spanish Don's ranch, who tries to keep settlers out of the area by blaming crimes on them

  • Yellow Rose Of Texas (1944)

    Rogers is an insurance agent who goes undercover as a showboat singer to clear the name of an old man falsely arrested for a stagecoach robbery

  • Under California Stars (1948)

    During the broadcasting of a celebration marking Roy's tenth year making films, Trigger is kidnapped and held for a $100,000 ransom.

  • Sunset Serenade (1942)

    Easterner must defend her newly acquired ranch when a villain tries to cheat her out of it. It's up to Roy and The Pioneers to save the day. Songs include: "I'm Headin' for the Home Corral", "He's a No Good Son of a Gun", "Sandman Lullaby", "Song of the San Joaquin", & "I'm a Cowboy Rockefeller

  • Sunset On The Desert (1942)

    Rogers in a dual role as a good guy who goes undercover when he's mistaken for his black hat wearing doppelganger

  • Springtime In The Sierras (1947)

    Gang of poachers murders a game warden who just happens to be Rogers' best friend.

  • South Of Santa Fe (1942)

    Roy escorts three important investors to appraise some land, but a big-city gangster kidnaps the three and convinces the sheriff that Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers are responsible. Now, who would believe something like that?

  • Song Of Texas (1943)

    A man of no worth brags to his daughter back East that he is rich and owns a big ranch. When she decides to pay a visit to her father, Roy and his buddies agree to pretend that the poor man is the owner of the ranch

  • Song Of Nevada (1944)

    Local rancher is presumed dead when his plane goes down; but he's still kickin', and has hired Rogers to "tame" his shrewish daughter, stealing her away from her snobbish, eastern fianc?. Songs include: "New Moon Over Nevada", "A Cowboy has to Yodel in the Morning", and "The Harum Scarum Baron of...

  • Silver Spurs (1943)

    Villainous resort owner Carradine kills a rancher to get the oil on another ranch, and pins the murder on Roy

  • Shine On Harvest Moon (1938)

    Two ex-partners in a ranching endeavor break their partnership and start a range war. Rogers gets into the act when one frames the other for criminal activity.

  • Sheriff Of Tombstone (1941)

    Roy and Gabby arrive in Tombstone and Roy is mistaken for the bad guy gunslinger for whom the crooked mayor sent

  • Rough Riders Roundup (1949)

    Now that the Spanish-American war is over, Roy and other Rough Riders become border patrolmen. Their goal is to stop outlaws who are stealing gold from stage coaches and express offices

  • Ridin' Down The Canyon (1942)

    Rogers saves the day from a group of war profiteers who are rustling cattle for sale to the government at outrageous prices

  • Red River Valley (1941)

    Roy helps ranchers who are threatened by a water shortage raise money for a reservoir, but they are conned by a gambler who makes off with the funds

  • On The Old Spanish Trail (1947)

    With a $10,000 note Roy co-signed for the Pioneers due, Roy plans to get the money from the reward for the capture of the Gypsy. After he captures him he lets him go realizing he is innocent and it's not long before the real outlaws show their hand.

  • Night Time in Nevada (1948)

    Rogers and pals ride after a stolen herd that's been filched to cover the theft of a young girl's trust fund. This action-packed film was The Sons of the Pioneers' last theatrical appearance with Rogers

  • Nevada City (1941)

    Roy and Gabby are stagecoach drivers caught in the middle of a fight between their boss at the stage line and railroad men.

  • Song Of Arizona (1946)

    Gabby's ranch for homeless boys is in financial trouble, but one of the kids, the son of an outlaw, has a bunch of stolen cash that might help. Trouble ensues when the boy's father's gang arrives to collect the money.

  • Bad Man of Deadwood (1941)

    Sharpshooter Rogers joins a circus which travels to Deadwood, a town plagued by crooked businessmen. Produced by Joseph Kane. Dir. Joseph Kane

  • The Roy Rogers Show

    5 seasons