2 Seasons

Follow the journey of young Josh and sister Lexie who go to live with the grandparents when life becomes difficult for single mother Debbie. See that God is faithful even in the most difficult of circumstances and discover a show that gives hope to every generation.

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  • Seasons Moving In

    Episode 1

    Young Josh and older sister Lexie make the big move to come live with their grandparents.

  • Seasons New Beginnings

    Episode 2

    Tim and Maggie are anxious to see that the kids take a liking to their new home. While Lexie's putting in an effort, Josh is having a harder time. Debbie calls home.

  • Seasons Thanksgiving

    Episode 3

    Tim and Maggie adjust to new demands on their time - and their budget - as they settle into life with a full household. Still, they're determined to remain thankful for all they have.

  • Seasons Remember Me

    Episode 4

    It's Remembrance day, Josh wrestles with some big questions about his Father the soldier. Lexie opens up about how she's feeling.

  • Seasons Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Episode 5

    Tim and Maggie wonder if the kids will ever feel "at home" on the farm. Bill and Betty consider a move to be closer to their grandkids.

  • Seasons My Heart Has Found A Home

    Episode 6

    Josh decides to make good on his plan to run away and L.J. tags along. With a little help from Mariam, the others help Bill realize selling the house isn't such a good idea.

  • Seasons Changes

    Episode 7

    The additional work is starting to wear on Maggie. She stresses even more when social services pay a visit. The kids take to decorating their rooms.

  • Seasons Our First Christmas

    Episode 8

    Someone special drops in. The gang's determined to have a good ole' fashioned Christmas. Tim and Maggie make a difficult choice.

  • Seasons Appreciation Day

    Episode 9

    Lexie gets permission to throw a party for her friends. Tim and Maggie discover more about Lexie's traumas. Bill discovers he's maybe not as spry as he used to be!

  • Seasons When Love Isn't Enough

    Episode 10

    With Josh starting to feel more at home, Tim and Maggie begin to see some of Lexie's troubling coping mechanisms. Betty tries to get Bill to part with some of his old clothes.

  • Seasons Who Said Life is a Breeze?

    Episode 11

    Tim and Maggie realize their spiritual blessing, despite a lack at home. Bill and Betty get some news about their own kids and Mariam decides to date again.

  • Who's A Bully

    Episode 12

    Things get complicated for Tim and Maggie when Lexie begins dating, online bullies make matters even worse. Bill gets confronted for some of his constant grumbling.

  • Seasons Jealous of the Angels

    Episode 13

    A heartbreaking accident occurs in Tim & Maggie’s family. Yet through it all they witness God is at work… with a miracle.