2 Seasons

Follow the journey of young Josh and sister Lexie who go to live with the grandparents when life becomes difficult for single mother Debbie. See that God is faithful even in the most difficult of circumstances and discover a show that gives hope to every generation.

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  • Seasons Who's in Charge

    Episode 1

    Lexie and the others continue to grieve. Debbie's come home and she's determined to give it another shot. Josh asks Bill about heaven.

  • Seasons Challenges

    Episode 2

    With a head full of questions and a heart full of anger, Lexie learns no one lives only for themselves. Josh gets a visitor, to Tim and Maggie’s astonishment!

  • Seasons Who's to Blame?

    Episode 3

    Maggie is blaming Tim, Debbie blames ‘the house of accountability’ but Lexie, even with her broken heart, she is beginning to understand the miracle.

  • Seasons The Battle Within

    Episode 4

    As everyone battles with their inward issues, Debbie visits and discovers everyone will need to learn to trust her again, as she puts God first.

  • Seasons More of Us

    Episode 5

    Bill comes up with an idea, to start a support group for Grandparents raising their grandchildren, with an added surprise.

  • Seasons Lexie's Nightmare

    Episode 6

    In a nightmare Lexie struggles with the meaning of a firm foundation. Now she needs to make a choice.

  • Seasons One Step Forward

    Episode 7

    Josh believes Old Bill is going to be his new Dad. So, he pays Old Bill a visit. And what a surprise everyone experiences!

  • Seasons Cabin Fever

    Episode 8

    Tim and Maggie reminisce with Bill and Debbie over some experiences the family went through while the children were with them. They are so thankful for Tim and Maggie’s support.

  • Seasons Going....Growing.....Gotcha!

    Episode 9

    Lexie and Josh share some stories with Leonora how they pranked the family and their friends. Just wait till you see how they got them back!

  • Seasons Homecoming

    Episode 10

    Tim and Maggie contemplate the major changes coming. Debbie and Lexie make amends with each other. Josh asks and receives help.

  • Seasons Here Comes Who?

    Episode 11

    Debbie’s future in-laws come for dinner while Josh blurts out some rude remarks. Debbie has doubts about herself. Those desserts for the wedding become too tempting for some.

  • Seasons A New Chapter

    Episode 12

    The dresses don’t fit, where are the desserts for the reception? Where is the ring? Will someone confess? Will it all work out?

  • Seasons The Wedding

    Episode 13

    Tim has an emotional father/daughter chat with Debbie before the ceremony. Exchanging of the vows. Lexie delivers her heartfelt message. A beautiful ending!