The Burnnie Show Series

The Burnnie Show Series

38 Episodes

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The Burnnie Show Series
  • The Burnnie Show Look What I Can DO

    Episode 1

    Burnnie’s been showing off all day and gets a hard lesson on being humble.

  • The Burnnie Show Worrywart

    Episode 2

    Burnnie learns a lesson on how not to worry.

  • The Burnnie Show Moving In God's Direction

    Episode 3

    Burnnie learns how to move in God's direction instead of his own direction.

  • The Burnnie Show Bitter or Better

    Episode 4

    Burnnie’s learns to be happy with what he has as he gets a lesson in being better not bitter.

  • The Burnnie Show Burnnie for Mayor

    Episode 5

    Burnnie wants to be Mayor.

  • The Burnnie Show That's Good Enough

    Episode 6

    Burnnie’s learns that the Bible teaches us to do our best.

  • The Burnnie Show Over and Over

    Episode 7

    Burnnie learns a lesson on doing things over and over.

  • The Burnnie Show Dollars Make Sense

    Episode 8

    Burnnie learns how to be a good steward over his money.

  • The Burnnie Show Coins and Tunnels

    Episode 9

    Burnnie goes to a garage sale and finds some gold coins.

  • The Burnnie Show A Million Excuses

    Episode 10

    Burnnie is full of excuses as everyone in town prepares for Christmas and Operation Christmas Child.

  • The Burnnie Show Bullies

    Episode 11

    Bullies...BURNNIE is bothered by a bully, but friends help soften the put downs with words of encouragement. We can't always make the bully change to a butterfly, but we can learn to handle tough situations with patience and kindness.

  • The Burnnie Show Phone a Friend

    Episode 12

    Phone a Friend.....~BURNNIE learns it's okay to call upon a friend for a helping hand. We don't have to do everything on our own. God has given different gifts to each of us. When we work together, all these gifts are utilized to complete His purpose.

  • The Burnnie Show Branches

    Episode 13

    Branches.....BURNNIE learns to give his best effort in order to produce the best fruit. It is more important to produce actual results than just talk about it. Instead of thinking "I'll do that when I get around to it, BURNNIE borrows a few of Steve's crystal "Round To Its" to help spread the mes...

  • The Burnnie Show The Red Nose

    Episode 14

    The Red nose..... Everyone BURNNIE comes in contact with has seemed to have earned the "Red Nose." The "Red Nose" award is given when one has done their very best. Throughout the episode BURNNIE learns how various individuals and groups have earned their red nose as he strives to obtain the same ...