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Topical talk from a Christian perspective.

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The Christian View
  • The Christian View Living Life to the Fullest

    Episode 1

    The Christian View discuss how to live this life to the fullest. How to grow past your mistakes and live with no regrets!

  • The Christian View Financial Freedom

    Episode 2

    The Christian View discuss what financial freedom looks like for a believer and how does one achieve financial freedom. The TCV Team is joined with Financail expert Chrip Brackley.

  • The Christian View The Art of Prayer

    Episode 3

    The Christian View discuss what the art of prayer looks like for a believer and how does one walk in the authortity of prayer tha is given to us by the Holy Spirit.

  • The Christian View Conquering Racism

    Episode 4

    Dr. Alveda King joins The Christian View as they discuss ways to overcoming Racism and live in unity in the body of Christ.

  • The Christian View The Dying Church

    Episode 5

    The Christian View Panel discuss what is going on within the church today. Is there growth within the church, unity? Or is there division and declining?

  • The Christian View Revival

    Episode 6

    Pastor Don Allen joins The Christian View Panel as they discuss Revival that is happening in North GA and around the world!

  • The Christian View Pop Culture

    Episode 7

    Mama Jan (Voice to the Stars) Join the discussion today as TCV talks about Pop Culture. How is Pop Culture effecting our society and is it for the good or the bad. Great show!

  • The Christian View Living in the Age of Handheld Devices

    Episode 8

    The Christian View teams discuss how new technogly is taking over the way we communicate. We discuss the pros and cons of living in the age of handheld devices.

  • The Christian View Codependency

    Episode 9

    The Christian View tackle the subject of Codependency. What is looks like and how to walk away.

  • The Christian View Generational Consequences

    Episode 10

    The bible is clear that there are generational issues past down from generation to generation until someone in the family decides to make a change. The Christian View how to walk in freedom.

  • The Christian View The Simplicity of Christianity

    Episode 11

    In a world where everything is so complicated, your walk with the Lord needs not be. Join us as we discuss how Christ wants us to have a uncomplicated relastionship with Him.

  • The Christian View A Call To Ministry

    Episode 12

    We are all called into some form of ministry. Today we will discuss how to find your place in the body of Christ to fullfill your calling for Christ.

  • The Christian View a Dying Nation

    Episode 13

    There is so much turmoil and destruction going on within our nation. Join us as we discuss, will we as a nation die or become stronger through all of the turmoil and destruction.

  • The Christian View Overcoming the Negative Impact of Divorce

    Episode 14

    Divorce will effect each of us in someway. Join us as we help you navigate through the negative impact of divorce so that you can walk in your freedom.

  • The Christian View Miracles, Signs, Wonders

    Episode 15

    This is a great discussion on mircales, signs and wonders. We discuss if God is still actively moving in miracles, signs and wonders today. And if so, how!

  • The Christian View A Winning Mindset

    Episode 16

    The bible is clear that our thoughts have the power to break us or make us. There is a battle going on for our minds. Join us as we discuss practical ways to have a winning mindset for Christ.

  • The Christian View Fit For God's Purpose

    Episode 17

    We all have a on our lives. So often we miss that calling because we are not fit ( body, soul, spirit)Join us as we discuss how you can be FIT for your purpose. FYI.. Its not about an number of the scale

  • The Christian View Faith and Politics

    Episode 18

    The Christian View tackles the tough and very controversial topic of Faith and Politics within the body of Christ.

  • The Christian View The Prosperity Gospel

    Episode 19

    What is the prosperity gospel, is it biblical, is it effective? Join The Christian View team as they unfold what scripture has to say about this unclear topic.

  • The Christian View The Addiction Crisis

    Episode 20

    Pastor Paul with The Atlanta Dream Center joins The Christian View discussion on the addication crisis we are facing around the world and within our communities.

  • The Christian View The Power of Purpose Parents

    Episode 21

    As parents we have a resposibilty to raise up God children. We are called to parent with purpose and power with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Christian View Spiritual Warfare

    Episode 22

    Scriptures states that we wrestle not agianist flesh and blood, we are in a spiritual war! Join The Christian View team as we uncover what Spiritual Warfare really is and how we are to fight an unsee battle.

  • The Christian View Online Church- The New Normal?

    Episode 23

    2020 has been a crazy year. Many churches have shut their door and are only worshipping online. Is this the new normal or is there more change to come for the 2020 Church?

  • The Christian View Perilous Times

    Episode 24

    2020 has so many of us wondering what in the world is going on. Join us as we talk about Perilous Times and what Scritpure says about these times of uncertainty.